Our Services

What we do

We work with organisations and individuals to help them to continually develop in their chosen field and to work towards their bigger dreams and aspirations.

Our wide range of blended and digital courses introduce, refresh and confirm knowledge around topics that are necessary for us as part of our career and roles. We support the skilling, upskilling and reskilling of individuals within an organisation. 

How we help?

  • Design and delivery of custom-made training, developed to your needs
  • Blended learning to support your organisation and people at all levels
  • Providing a comprehensive, fully online range of learning opportunities
  • Development of your learning and designing online courses for your organisation
  • Endorsement/ Certification services for your bespoke training
  • We show how Endorsement/Certification works

CPPD Certified

We provide an easy-to-use platform where learners can undertake and monitor their learning, at their own pace.

We provide management information on courses completed and e-certification upon completion. Alternatively, learners can print off their achievements via our secure portal.

We have themed many of the most popular courses which can be bundled to your requirements. Take a look at our courses via the navigation bar at the top of this page.

All our blended learning courses provide a Certificate of Completion so your people can record their Continuous Personal and Professional Development.
All online courses are CPPD certified.
What is a CPPD Portfolio?