Health and Safety – We are all Responsible

3 hours fully online video

In this course you will learn about some common hazards workers face on a daily basis, and discover how the relevant health and safety law works in both theory and practice.

Learning outcomes:

  • What health and safety means, why it is important that everyone in the workplace understands their responsibilities, and how health and safety legislation is implemented
  • Why employers must carry out risk assessments and what they need to do once they have identified workplace hazards
  • The risks that come with manual handling activities including lifting and carrying, and how these can be prevented
  • The factors that make fires and electrical explosions more likely to occur in the workplace and how these hazards can be minimised or eliminated
  • The importance of maintaining a safe workplace environment for employees and visitors; understanding the negative effects of employees working in a risky environment, which increases the likelihood of slips, trips and falls