Fraud Management and Anti-Money Laundering Awareness

15 hours fully online video

Money laundering, which is often how a criminal will hide assets that have been fraudulently gained, is a problem that is intricately connected to the issue of fraud, and therefore it is vital to be aware of it.

Learning outcomes:

  • What money laundering is and the variety of different methods that are commonly employed, in order to hide assets
  • Typical offenders and how to recognise suspicious behaviour
  • Techniques that are most employed by criminals, in order to cheat an organisation
  • The psychology of the individuals that perpetrate these crimes and what motivates their behaviour, beyond the obvious financial incentive
  • How those at the top of an organisation or in politics can engage in fraud through bribery and corruption
  • The most effective tools available, in order to identify fraud and how to utilise them
  • How fraud can damage anyone through identity theft and what to do, if you find that someone has stolen your identity;
  • Safeguards that your employees can put in place, in order to prevent fraud before it can ever