Environmental, Social and Governance

4 hours fully online video

Environmental, social and governance, or ESG, is the only way for businesses to operate ethically, legally and morally in today’s political and social climate, and it’s also becoming essential for businesses to remain relevant, profitable and highly attractive to investors.

We provide the ultimate guide to everything you need to know about ESG and how to integrate the principles into your business, no matter what its size or scope.
Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the background, definition and current urgency to comply and the consequences of non-compliance with ESG.
  • Understand how ESG ties in with UK legislative requirements, legal operation and corporate best practice.
  • Understand how to determine, measure, reduce and control your environmental impact and compile credible and accurate reports for stakeholders.
  • Understand how to implement and prioritise inclusivity, diversity, human rights and consumer protection in your organisation.
  • Understand the UK Corporate Governance Code, and how to apply its principles in your company.